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Pori Dance Company

Site specific performance in Pori central library, Pori, Finland 2018

What if a human being is not an individual, but dividual that can be divided in many parts? What if, we are seen as total entities from outside, but inside we are collapsing apart?

Chor. Mikko Lampinen

Director: Anastasia Trizna

Lighting design: Toni Randell

Sound design: Kristian Merilahti

Costume design: Maria Sirén

Dancers: Riikka & Meri Tankka

Actress: Katariina Lohiniva-Tyni

Photography: Darina Rodionova

OBE - out body experience

Pori Theater 2019 / Pori dance company

Coreography and dance: Hyaukjin Geon, Mikko Lampinen

Visual design: Seungjae Jung, Hyaukjin Geon,

Mikko Lampinen
Light design: Anssi Ruotanen

Sound design: Seungjae Jung
Costume design:Maria Sirén

Van Helsink - shitstorm

Friitala leather factory 2019 / Pori dance company

Site specific performance in old Friitala leather factory about vampire hunter Van Helsink. Martial arts, dance and tricky situations.

Coreography: Jarkko Mandelin

Dancers: Meri Tankka, Riikka Tankka,                Oskari Turpeinen, Riku Lehtopolku

Lighting design: Anssi Ruotanen

Sound design: Mikko Lampinen

Video: Mikko Lampinen

Costume design: Maria Sirén

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