Hi! I am Maria Sirén, Helsinki based costume and textile designer searching for interesting projects, great adventures and new skills to learn.


During my career, I have designed and made costumes for various theater and dance productions and also worked in the field of film and opera. I have designed textile prints, worked as a dyeing expert, made evening gowns and worked in different positions in field of theater and textile industry. For more information feel free to check my resume.


I have studied music during my entire life and it plays a great role what comes to my sources of inspiration while designing dreams to reality. I am also interested about different cultures and aesthetics and I adore brutal beauty of nature.


I enjoy to work with people and create new worlds and multidiciplinary ideas. By being one of the creators of colour and material palette of the stage, I dare to say that I have found my purpose of life.

Thank you for visiting this website and feel free to contact me in any case of interesting project!